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• AstraPy

1. Overview

2. Prerequisites

  • Create your DataStax Astra account:

Sign Up to Datastax Astra

  • Create an Astra Token

Once connected on the user interface, select settings on the left menu and tab tokens to create a new token.

You want to pick the following role:

Properties Values
Token Role Organization Administrator

The Token contains properties Client ID, Client Secret and the token. You will only need the third (starting with AstraCS:)

  "ClientId": "ROkiiDZdvPOvHRSgoZtyAapp",

  "ClientSecret": "fakedfaked",

  "Token":"AstraCS:fake" <========== use this field

3. Setup project

4. Getting Started

5. Reference Guide

5.1. Initialization

5.2. Working with Databases

5.3. Working with Namespaces

5.4. Working with Collections

5.5. Working with Vectors

6. Troubleshooting

  • Common Errors and Solutions

List typical issues users might face and their resolutions.

  • 6.2. FAQ

Address frequently asked questions.

7. Best Practices

  • 7.1. Performance Tips

Offer guidance on optimizing usage for better performance.

  • 7.2. Security Recommendations

Share advice on secure practices when using the library.

8. Contribution Guide

  • 8.1. Code of Conduct

Outline the behavior expected from contributors.

  • 8.2. Contribution Steps

Describe how one can contribute to the library, e.g., via pull requests.

9. Release Notes/Changelog

Track changes made in each version of the library.

10. Contact and Support

  • 10.1. Reporting Bugs

Provide a link or method for users to report issues.

  • 10.2. Getting Help

Point users to forums, support channels, or other resources.

Last update: 2023-10-13