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The Data Explorer by netflix is a web-based tools that will help you navigate and edit your data. It supports both Cassandra and Dynomite but here we will focus on Astra. There a few killer features

Multi Cluster Access

Multi-cluster access provides easy access to all of the clusters in your environment. The cluster selector in the top nav allows you to switch to any of your discovered clusters quickly.

Explore your data

The Explore view provides a simple way to explore your data quickly. You can query by partition and clustering keys, insert and edit records, and easily export the results or download them as CQL statements.

Schema Designer

Creating a new Keyspace and Table by hand can be error-prone

Our schema designer UI streamlines creating a new Table with improved validation and enforcement of best practices.

Query IDE

The Query Mode provides a powerful IDE-like experience for writing free-form CQL queries.



1 Run Locally

Prerequisites: You need node, npm and yarn

  • Install Yarn on MAC
brew install yarn
  • Clone the repository
git clone
cd nf-data-explorer
  • Install the dependencies (expect a 2min build it will download quite some packages)
yarn && yarn build
  • Start the applications
yarn start
  • Import your secure connect bundle (see Prerequisite section above)

Open in IDE

2 Execute with Gitpod

  • Click the button

Open in IDE

  • Open the application

  • Import your secure connect bundle (see Prerequisite section above)

Last update: 2023-10-13