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‣ Secure Connect Bundle

📖 Reference Documentation and resources
  1. 📖 Astra Docs - Download Cloud Secure Bundle
  2. 🎥 Youtube Video - Walk through secure

A - Overview

To initialize a secured 2-way TLS connection between clients and Astra x509 certificates are needed. The strong authentication is key for maximum security and still benefits from robust driver features (health-check, load-balancing, fail-over). Under the hood the protocol SNI over TCP is used to contact each node independently.

The configuration and required certificates are provided to the user through a zip file called the secure connect bundle which can be downloaded for each DATABASE REGION. This means that a database deployed across multiple regions will have one secure connect bundle per region. (1 region = 1 underlying Apache Cassandra™ datacenter)

B - Prerequisites

C - Procedure

✅ Step 1 : Select your database

Once you sign in, locate the list of available databases on the left navigation bar.

  • Select the database that you want to work with.

  • Click on the Connect tab or the "Connect" blue button in the upper right hand corner.

✅ Step 2 : Download the ZIP

  • On this screen, make sure you pick the "Drivers" connection method, and then the "Native" type in the drop-down (as opposed to the "Cloud" type).

  • Pick any of the available languages, it does not matter: the bundle zipfile is one and the same.

  • Click on Download Bundle and select the region that you want to use.

You now have several options:

  1. get the file directly with the "Download Secure Bundle" button;
  2. copy the generated URL to the bundle and use it wherever you want (within a few minutes before the link expires);
  3. directly copy a ready-made cURL command to paste in a console and have the downloaded bundle zipfile there;
  4. same as before but using the wget console utility.


  • If you download the file directly, be aware that most browsers will give you the option to open the zip file directly. Do not do that, save it locally instead: the bundle zipfile has to be passed to the drivers as is!

  • The link to the bundle zipfile will expire a few minutes after it is generated. If you wait too long, you might end up with a faulty bundle. As a check, make sure the zipfile you downloaded is around 12-13 KB in size.

Last update: 2023-01-21