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‣ Create Token

A - Overview

As stated in the Create Account page the security token is associated to one and only one organization and only one role.

  graph TD
    USER(Users) -->|n...m|ORG(Organizations)
    ORG -->|0..n|DB(Dabatases)
    ORG -->|0..n|TOKEN(Tokens)
    ORG -->|0..n|STR(Streaming Tenants)

There are a set of predefined roles within an organization which are associated with some default permissions. The full list of permissions and roles is available in Astra Documentation

Figure 1: Default Roles

Figure 2: Permissions for a role here `Database Administrator`

It is also possible to create custom roles and associate fined grained permissions. (Organizations Settings / Role Managennt)

Figure 3: Custom Roles screen

B - Prerequisites

To create a new token:

C - Procedure

1️⃣ Open the Organization settings panel

On the top left hand corner locate the panel Current Organization with your email address. Use the chevron down to open the menu and pick Organization Settings

2️⃣ Open the token management page

On the new page, select Token Management in the menu. Then use the Select Roles combo to select the Organization Administrator role. This is the administrator of your tenant with all permissions.

The same page can be accessed from the dashboard

You can reach the Token Management page directly from the ellipsis menu next to your database in the main Astra dashboard. Expand to see how

3️⃣ Save the token as a CSV.

The values of clientSecret and token will not be shown to you later for security reasons. Do not share those values and never commit them on github.

4️⃣ Walkthrough.

Copy values in the clipboard

You can use the clipboard icons next to each parameter to copy and paste them elsewhere.

Last update: 2022-09-02