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We've created a tool to let you make Stargate calls from the command line.

The quick start is in this repository.

If you want to use it on your own system, follow these steps:

Install the python library and httpie

pip3 install httpie-astra

Setup your Astra account

To use the Astra CLI you need to create a DataStax Astra account. You also need to create a token with the Organization Administration role.

Install Astra CLI

To get everything working, you need to have the Astra CLi installed and setup.

Initialize your setup

We need to initialize the configuration file at ~/.astrarc. To to so run the following command. You will be asked to provide your token (AstraCS:...). It will be saved and reused for your commands in the future.

astra setup

Create your environment files

In order to use httpie, you need to initialize a configuration file.

As an example, for the example in the Katapod example, you could use "stargate" as the database and "workshop" for the keyspace - but you can use any combination you like for general exploration.

astra db create <database>
astra db create-dotenv -k <keyspace> <database>
echo "[stargate]" >> ~/.astrarc
cat .env >> ~/.astrarc

From here, you can call any Stargate API endpoint. Check the example repository to see how this works.

Configuration file.

You can create a configuration file in ~/.config/httpie/config.json. Adding this configuration file allows you to use a shorter command to call the endpoints.


    "default_options": [

This means that instead of using this command:

http --auth-type astra -a stargate: :/rest/v1/keyspaces

You can use this command:

http :/rest/v1/keyspaces

Example REST calls

Create a table

http POST :/rest/v2/schemas/keyspaces/workshop/tables json:='{
  "name": "cavemen",
  "ifNotExists": false,
  "columnDefinitions": [
      "name": "firstname",
      "typeDefinition": "text",
      "static": false
      "name": "lastname",
      "typeDefinition": "text",
      "static": false
          "name": "occupation",
          "typeDefinition": "text"
  "primaryKey": {
    "partitionKey": [
    "clusteringKey": [

List tables in your keyspace

http :/rest/v2/schemas/keyspaces/workshop/tables

Add a row

http POST :/rest/v2/keyspaces/workshop/cavemen json:='
            "firstname" : "Fred",
            "lastname": "Flintstone"

Update a row

http PUT :/rest/v2/keyspaces/workshop/cavemen/Flintstone/Fred json:='
{ "occupation": "Quarry Screamer"}'

Delete a row

http DELETE :/rest/v2/keyspaces/workshop/cavemen/Flintstone/Fred

For more examples, check out the katapod exercises.

Last update: 2023-02-27